Friday, September 13, 2013

What Is The Best Shade Of Eyeshadow For Me?

One of the most commonly asked questions that I
receive is "What is the best shade of eyeshadow for
me?". My answer is generally go with the opposite of your
eye colour because contrasting colors intensify and make
your eye color stand out.

Blue eyes are best intensified by copper based
shades. The orange in the copper makes the blue stand

Green Eyes and green/brown are best intensified by
terracotta based shades. The red in the terracotta
makes the green stand out.

Brown eyes are best intensified be plum or violet. The
purple in plum and violet makes the sometimes existing
gold flecks in brown eyes stand out.

Green/Blue eyes are fun because one day you can
intensify the blue then the next you can intensify the
green (see above).

Silvers and golds are fun but should be used in
conjunction with other colours or else the effect can
be over whelming and can draw the attention away from
your already beautiful eyes.

Neutral brown shades do not intensify any eye colour
but the are safe if you are in doubt as to which colour
to go with.

No matter what your eye colour you can wear any colour of
eyeliner as long as it compliments the eyeshadow you
have picked.

Hopefully these tips are of some use to you!

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