Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spa Etiquette 101

Tips For Spa Patrons

Please arrive at least fifteen minutes early for your appointment, to give yourself time to check in and this will give your Aesthetician time to fully indulge you instead of having to rush through to be on time with the next client.

Please do turn off your cell phone out of respect for the other patrons who are trying to relax besides constantly having to pause in the middle of a treatment for you to take a call impedes the Aesthetician from being able to provide you with the service you deserve.

Please use your indoor voice so others may be able to enjoy their services!

 Please leave your children at home if at all possible since the spa is employed with Aestheticians not Daycare workers. This is also very disruptive to the other clients and is unsafe for children.

Please leave us a tip if you enjoyed your service the Aesthetician will greatly appreciate it!

Please keep in mind that when we say, "Take your time getting up." it means not to get up so fast that you get nauseated. You generally have five or so minutes. The Aesthetician does require time to have the room prepared for the next client.

Are there physical issues that may prevent you from enjoying a treatment? If you are affected by any of the conditions below you should consult your physician prior to visiting any spa, and tell the Aesthetician before your treatment begins.

Please inform the receptionist at the spa of any of the following upon booking an appointment.
Recent surgery
Physical Ailments (ie: epilepsy, cancer, diabetes, cardiac problems)

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